RELENTLESS by Danika Stegeman LeMay //

An endless poem self-forming. Screaming into the void as its visage quivers through unstable anatomies.


The text [ body ] is relentless. The text [ body ] is an animal that desires survival. The text [ body] is fierce and oppressive. The text [ body ] is continuous; it perseveres. Where are your blank spaces? With what do you fill them? Where is the mother of your body? Is the goddess of your variables a black hole like mine? The universe is infinite with permutations. Re-string the harps and loop the cups so they never empty.


Written by Danika Stegeman LeMay

Designed and Published by CLOAK.

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GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withTwine
TagsEndless, poetry, Twine


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This made my heart feel warm, thank you. 

You're so, so welcome. Thank you 💖.